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RRT-1 - 240 Lumen, 210g Torch

$199.00 $169.00


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Nitecore Torches

RRT-1 - 240 Lumen, 210g Torch


  • Designed for military/law enforcement use but doubles as an excellent tool for hunting, camping and general outdoor activities.
  • The Rapid Response Activation Ring allows the user to select between three brightness levels and strobe function.
  • Stainless steel Rapid Response Activation Ring offers increased reliability and durability
  • Features Jetbeam's new "Strobe Randomizer" - taking the disorientating effects of strobe to a new level.
  • Stainless steel bezel and tail cap protects front and rear of torch from drops and impacts
  • Stainless steel crenulated bezel can be used as a glass breaker or defensive tool
  • Anti-roll design
  • Employs a Cree XR-E R2 LED
  • Max output of 240 Lumen with an effective range of 500+ yards
  • New hybrid reflector designed especially for Cree LED's, provides better beam quality, efficiency and throw capability.
  • Features a redesigned high efficiency broad voltage drive circuit for optimum runtimes
  • Compatible with both CR123 batteries and 18650 rechargeable Li-ions
  • Floating positive end, designed for better battery contact
  • Built-in intelligent Li-ion rechargeable battery protection circuit for added safety
  • Impact-resistant in accordance with US MIL-STD-810F
  • Meets IPX 8 waterproof standards
  • RRT-1 Raptor can utilize the "RM-01" tactical pressure switch and other available accessories, giving it versatility tactical applications.

Dimension: Head Diameter 55mm, Tube Diameter25.4mm, Total Length 160mm
Weight: 210g



High Mode
Using 2*CR123 batteries: 240 Lumens, 2 Hours
Using 2*16340 batteries: 240 Lumens, 1 Hour
Using 1*18650 battery: 240 Lumens, 3 Hours

Mid Mode
Using 2*CR123 batteries: 100 Lumens, 6 Hours
Using 2*16340 batteries: 100 Lumens, 3 Hours
Using 1*18650 battery: 100 Lumens, 8 Hours

Low Mode
Using 2*CR123 batteries: 30 Lumens, 20 Hours
Using 2*16340 batteries: 30 Lumens, 10 Hours
Using 1*18650 battery: 30 Lumens, 25 Hours

Unique Characteristics of the Jetbeam Line
Cree High Efficiency LED’s
Cree is the industry leader in next generation Light Emitting Diode technology, producing LED’s that are capable of emitting hundreds, and in certain instances thousands of lumens. Possessing a footprint no larger than a drop of water and consuming very little energy, Cree’s diodes have a conservative lifespan of 50,000 hours and are virtually indestructible. All Jetbeam torches are regularly updated with the latest Cree offering which ensures end users are always purchasing state-of-the-art.

Digital Regulation
All Jetbeam torches incorporate a microcontroller which provides broad voltage fully regulated digital output. As a result the Jetbeam line is compatible with alkaline, nickel metal hydride, lithium and lithium- ion battery chemistries. Digital regulation also affords the user optimal battery runtime from a selected brightness setting, with the potential to extract maximum brightness from a dying cell, or provide dim output from a fresh cell.

Multiple Modes
Every light in the range has multiple output modes. The RRT series employs an accessible, tactile and robust rotating alloy ring as a means of changing output/modes, while other lights are adjusted by either turning the torch bezel or clicking the power button in sequence. Regardless of method, the end result is a practical, user-friendly interface, with each torch able suit users’ requirements in varied environments.

Computer Designed Metal Reflectors
All Jetbeam lights contain precision designed metal reflectors which emit a beam profile consisting of an intense hotspot and large corona or spill beam. A meticulously adjusted profile such as this eliminates the need for a focus function as the immediate area and distant targets are illuminated simultaneously. Jetbeam produce the longest throwing small form factor torches in the world today, with the RRT series able to reach targets in excess of 300 metres.

Military/Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction
Jetbeam uses only the highest quality aluminium alloys for their CNC machining processes yielding a near perfect finish, in addition to excellent durability, strength and corrosion resistance.

Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodized Finish
This technology offers superior scratch resistance and colour uniformity by chemically infusing colours into the aluminium surface rather than simply painting on top of it. A Type III fi nish is the hardest and most resilient form of anodizing currently available.

Shock or drop Resistant In Accordance with US MIL-STD-810F
US MIL-STD-810F is a strict set of engineering standards employed by the U.S. Department of Defence to gauge how a product should perform under various environmental stresses. Every torch in the Jetbeam line meets or exceeds this standard.

Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard
This is an international protection rating that ensures Jetbeam products can be submerged in water to a depth of 1 metre for an indefinite period with no ingress.

Impact and Scratch Resistant Optical Window
All models in the Jetbeam range will emit consistently high lumens after many years of use due to a diamond plated high transmittance optical window that is resilient to scratches knocks, bumps and drops.

Extremely Compact
Even the largest torch in the Jetbeam range, the mighty RRT-3 is only marginally larger than a coffee mug, yet manages to emit an astounding 1200 lumens and throw its light many hundreds of metres. Models such as the Jet I Pro Ex3.0 and Jet 1 Pro V3.0 are small enough slip discreetly into a pocket, while others such as the RRT-2 and Jet III M are small and light enough to mount on a rifle or carry in a holster.





RRT-1 - 240 Lumen, 210g Torch for sale since 2010-12-04 08:02:26

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 Updated Friday 23 March, 2018  

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