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LeadOff Foaming Hand Safety Soap Twin Pack



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Hunting - Shooting Range

LeadOff Foaming Hand Safety Soap Twin Pack

Toxic heavy metals like lead oxide, mercury, cadmium and others are present in many every day products and on surfaces found in your home, school, workplace or even in the soil of your own back yard. These toxic compounds can place the health and well being of your family at risk!

Regular soap and hand sanitizers have been found to be ineffective when removing lead or heavy metals and may in some cases aid the absorbtion of heavy metals into your body! When used regularly Hygenall removes lead and other heavy metals that may have accumulated on the skin's surface. 

At the range or in the woods, make Hygenall a part of your essential gear! Anytime you discharge your firearm you are exposed to toxic heavy metals that can be transferred objects, foods, or even loved ones. Use Hygenall trap toxic metals dirt and germs to remove them from your skin. Just enjoy your sport, use Hygenall as directed, rinse, and have 0the peace of mind that you and your family are safe from toxic exposure. 

Specifications and Features: 
Hygenall Lead Off FHW8007HMC 
Foaming Hand Soap 
Two 1.7oz Bottles 
Removes lead, dirt, germs and other toxic heavy metals 
Breaks the electromagnetic bond between skin and lead 
For hands, arms, face, neck and any other exposed skin 
Use after discharging firearms, reloading, handling lead ammo 

LeadOff Foaming Hand Safety Soap Twin Pack for sale since 2016-09-20 00:16:55

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 Updated Monday 27 May, 2019  

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